Greenpeace faces massive fines for Arctic protest

Greenpeace could be fined up to E2 million (£1.7 million) each and every day if it disrupts oil drilling in the Arctic. The UK’s Cairn Energy has filed the papers with a Dutch court saying that Greenpeaces’s protest activities at the company’s Leiv Eiriksson drilling platform are causing delays and costs of at leat £2.5 million per day. Greenpeace’s protest ship Esperanza is registered in Amsterdam.  Greenpeace want to rid the Arctic of potentially polluting oil explorers and says of Cairn “we’ll challenge them and their lawyers every step of the way. The stakes are high here,  the Arctic is the frontline of climate change”.  Cairn denies that it is trying the bankrupt Greenpeace. Despite the legal action, on Saturday (4th June) it appears that Greenpeace launched five small boats from the Esperanza, bypassing navy protection, and 18 activists climbed onto the 53,000 ton rig. Greepeace say that fter eight hours, all 18 activists were. arrested.

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