Go Europe!

Go Europe, the new pan-European music industry green initiative has held a successful conference in Amsterdam, hosted by Welcome to the Future promoters ID&T (May 23rd and 24th). The new group, set up by Yourope (the European festivals organisation), Bucks New University, The German Green Music Initiative and the Green Events Conference, welcomed 35 festival and event promoters to the Netherlands to focus on energy related issues and communicating environmental messages to the audience and The Go Europe group, which AGreenerFestival actively supports,  has formalised its main aims which are to:

– identify international best practice in sustainable innovations for the music industry

– build a curriculum for training in sustainable events best practice for live events

– aggregate, communicate and share collective knowledge

– build links between different industry sectors across Europe to enable the exchange of information

The next Go Europe event will be the GreenEvents Europe gathering in Bonn, Germany on November 2nd and 3rd 2011. See more at http://www.green-events-germany.eu/ (in German) and http://www.green-events-germany.eu/index.php?&L=1 (in English).


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