Eavis plans poo power

Glastonbury festival organiser Michael Eavis has announced that he plans to run the next edition of the iconic festival on waste from his farm and wind power. Eavis plans to install a bio-digester at Worthy Farm in partnership with a neighbouring farm – and animal waste including cow dung as well as waste food and other organic material will be used to produce gas which can be converted into sustainable power and also harvest the wind with turbines.  The Festival boss is quoted as saying this in Bloomberg “The big thing is the bio-digester that we’re looking at to turn the cow manure into energy… We’re planning a bio-digester at the moment. We’re joining the two farms together and building a big one with the farm next door so we’ll get a lot of electric from that, which will be day and night. It’s very good stuff, fossil- free electricity.” Eavis also said that he is planning a 10-kilowatt wind turbine at the site in a bid to make the festival the greenest ever. Back In 1994 the festival first had a wind turbine beside the main stage. Eavis has already installed 1,100 solar photovoltaic modules on the roofs off his cow barns producing electricity for 40 homes.. The Bloomberg article also reveals that the festival uses tractors running on 100 per cent biodiesel, solar showers and composting toilets.

The next Glastonbury festival will be in 2013 after a year off to rest Worthy Farm.

More here http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-12-19/glastonbury-plans-to-use-cow-manure-wind-to-power-music-festival-in-u-k-.html


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