JB publishes new Energising Culture report

Energising Culture is the first in a two-part guide on future energy strategies for cultural buildings from Julies Bicycle. It aims to equip arts organisations with an understanding of the core issues around energy demand and supply, and implications for operational and investment decision-making.  Energising Culture makes the case for energy as a business-critical issue.

The guide covers practical and operational interventions, the current range of technological, compliancy and financial incentives, sources of funding and investment models available, and provides examples of innovative and bold responses to the energy challenge showing the potential of the cultural sector to galvanise its inherent creativity and resourcefulness to lead the way in both artistic and public communities.

The report also contains a review of international standards including BS8901 and ISO 20121 (both for sustainable event management systems),  ISO 14001 (environmental management systems)  Yourope’s Green n Clean award for green fesgtivals, ISO 50001 for energy management, JB’s own IG mark, EMAs (for environmental management systems) and Green Key but rather annoyingly misses out the “The international standard for environmentally efficient music festivals” – the Greener Festival Award – which operate in 5 continents and now assesses over 50 festivals globally each year – and is recognised as the leading environmental award for events and festivals as wella s missing the ratings scheme run by the Sustainable Restaurants Association (SRA).

You can download the Report here  http://www.juliesbicycle.com/resources/publications/energising-culture


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