The Green Music Initiative and the EnergyAgency.NRW start a “Train the Trainer” course for energy audits in music clubs.

With 2 workshops starting in October (23.10.2012 and 31.10.2012) in Wuppertal, the EnergyAgency.NRW and the German Green Music Initiative are taking first steps to enable energy consultants to gain the green energy auditing and consultancy specific to music clubs.

The scheme is linked to the Green Club Index (GCI) – which addresses the potential of large emission reductions from the club scene. With a wealth of experience gained designing energy profiles to fit the specific characteristics of clubs, the GCI currently has several pilot projects in a national and international context in the planning stage and being conducted as part of the Green Club Index Project. These’ showcase how energy audits in clubs are useful and necessary,  and other interested club operators are encouraged to ask for energy advice themselves, which consequently raises the request of adequate offers from energy consultants. So in the long run, the Green Club Index Project aims at stimulating a new market for energy audits in the club scene.
For further information get in touch with Roman at +49 30 7790 779 12 or email


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