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Stewart launches new bank at the Reeperbahn festival

davestewartDave Stewart used his keynote speech ‘Where is the Money‘ at the Reeperbahn festival and conference in Hamburg to launch plans for a new bank, to be called First Artist Bank, which will offer services designed to ensure fellow musicians “don’t sign stupid deals”.  Stewart said the inspiration for the bank, of which he will be co-chairman, is Farmers Bank in the US. His project partner and co-chairman of First Artist Bank is Michael Philipp, the former chairman and CEO of Credit Suisse Europe, Middle East and Africa and a former senior executive at Deutsche Bank and the new bank will “supply funding and management of digital assets and intellectual property, as well as advice”. Stewart said The bank will empower artists in music, film, television and theatre adding “It’s a global creative community bank.”

reeperbahn-festival-2012-logoElsewhere Field Fisher Waterhouse lawyer Dr Philipp Plog looked at the future of music on the internet in a session called “When The Levies Break” – asking of copyright levies needed to be reformed in the age of streaming with an excellent  panel with Markus Scheufele from the German telecoms industry, (Referent Urheberrecht, BITKOM) Belgian collection society representative Cees van Rij (Media&Online Manager, SABAM) and from the German independent record labels, Reinher Karl (Justiziar, VUT, DE). Former MTV VJ and now author Steve Blame hosted an impressive panel for his ‘Blame n Fame‘ closing session with Justin Sullivan (Artist, New Model Army), Kevin Godley (Artist / Producer) and Rembert Stiewe (Managing Director, Glitterhouse Records), a panel of Jörg Jelden (Initiator “Agenturen der Zukunft”, BathenJelden), Jeremy Tai Abbett (Creative Evangelist, Google,) and Nina Rieke (Executive Strategy Director, DDB Tribal) joined host Svenja Teichmann (CEO, Crowdmedia) to look at the future of  the agency world is changing and the communications and a very impressive panel of festival bosses with Folkert Koopmans (Managing Director, FKP Scorpio), Eric van Eerdenburg (Managing Director, Lowlands Festival), Baris Basaran (Booker, Pozitif Live), Christof Huber (General Secretary, Yourope and Open Air St Gallen) and Michal Kascak (Managing Director, Pohoda Festival) joined moderator Greg Parmley to look back at the 2013 festival season, with particular interest in Basaran’s comments that although riots and civil disorder had meant many shows and festivals had to be cancelled in Turkey this summer, a number of artists and agents had paid back 100% of their fees to local promoters.

Musical highlights included new British singer/songwriter Lewis Watson, Birth of Joy from the Netherlands, a Polish showcase featuring OCN, Rebeka, Uniqplan and Iza Lach, a Latvian/Lithuanian showcase with Colours of Bubbles, Alise Joste, GJan and Instrumenti, showcases from 65daysofstatic (UK) The Staves (UK), James Vincent McMorrow (Eire), Funeral Suits (Eire), Black Lizard (Finland) and a private show from platinum album seller James Blunt.


Fotos from the Field(s)

The partner festivals who are taking part in the Greener Festival Awards 2013 are some of Europe’s outstanding live events – and here’s a selection of snaps from the ‘green side’ which our lovely environmental assessors have taken this year – showing just how green and clean some of our festivals try to be. Thank you to Penny, Ryan, Javi and Al for the snaps!

The Glastonbury Festival on-site recycling centre

The Glastonbury Festival on-site recycling centre

Planeta Madrid - brought to you by sun and pedal power

Planeta Madrid – brought to you by sun and pedal power

Dia de la Musica, Madrid

Dia de la Musica, Madrid

Indian Summer Festival - plenty of recycling here!

Indian Summer Festival – plenty of recycling here!


DRAX POWERIt seems that the number of climate change sceptics in the UK is on the rise – the number as quadrupled since 2005 – and public support for wind and solar power has likewise dropped over the same period.  19% of the UK now don’t believe in climate change – up from 4% in 2005 – and the MORI poll of over 1,000 people shows that the ‘don’t knows’ has doubled to 9%. Concern about climate change has also dropped – just 60% are concerned now – down 14% on last year. And the nuclear disaster at Fukushima seems to have no negative effects on the UK – in fact 4% more of people, 32% – now support nuclear power.  In Japan just 17% are willing to accept further investment in nuclear power.

Labour leader Ed Miliband today outlined plans to freeze energy bills to 2017 and committed to decarbonising the UK power sector by 2030. Giving his keynote speech at the Labour party conference in Brighton, Miliband said: “If we win the election 2015 the next Labour government will freeze gas and electricity prices until the start of 2017. Your bills will not rise. It will benefit millions of families and millions of businesses”.  Miliband also pointed to those in Government who claim that protecting the environment during difficult economic times is not viable, picking out the Chancellor George Osborne.

But UKIP ….. ahhhhhh UKIP ….. The Government’s “obsessive reliance” on renewables is driving energy intensive businesses offshore, while pushing households and pensioners into fuel poverty, according to UKIP’s Roger Helmer. Speaking at the UKIP party conference in London , industry and energy spokesman Roger Helmer MEP said these issues will get worse if the UK continues to pursue “the ridiculous Brussels objective” of 20% renewables by 2020. Supporting oil, gas, coal and nuclear, Helmer said energy security was the first challenge for the UK and the second objective is affordable energy to ensure households “stay warm in the winter” and industry remains competitive.

sunken new yorkThe UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has scaled back estimates on how much the earth might be heated by greenhouse gas emissions – but said the underlying science on climate change is more robust than ever. The IPCC says that Earth could warm by 4.8C by 2100 if greenhouse gas emissions keep rising – down from a previous estimate of a maximum rise of 6.4C. The world is already 0.7C warmer due to human emissions and limiting climate change would require sustained reductions in CO2 emissions. There is an interesting article in the Sunday Times “Climate Change is real, but we have time” by Bjorn Lomborg (22.09.12) pointing out that ‘alarmist predictions that the sea will rise by a metre or more are common in sensationalist media. The IPCC will estimate the rise by the end of the century at 40-62cm’. More here and Don’t Panic – Global warming has shrunk. The Arctic ice cap has grown. Scientists gathering this week face a struggle to persuade sceptics about the scale of climate change to come here

Some of Europe’s largest private enterprises are calling on EU Energy Ministers to support an ambitious EU-wide binding energy savings target for 2030.  EU Energy Ministers gathered in Vilnius for an Informal Energy Council last week and a proposal for an EU energy and climate package for 2030 is due from the European Commission later this year, both prompting the call.  But repotrs that the UN has said that business is not playing its part in forging a sustainable future and efforts may have “reached a plateau”. The latest UN Global Compact report, which surveyed more than 1,000 CEOs from 27 industries across 103 countries, found that although the corporate sustainability movement is broadening with a deeper awareness and commitment, many business leaders express doubts about the pace of change and the scale of their impact.  And Lord Nicholas Stern has said that Governments around the world are likely to increase their emissions reductions after reading the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report. In a speech at the Royal Society on ‘Growth, Innovation, International Understanding and Climate Policy in a Changing World’, chair of the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) Professor Stern pointed out that the publication of the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment should provide the impetus for countries to increase the urgency and scale of their emissions reductions.

bee-300x150Campaigners at Buglife are planning a network if bee ‘motorways’ criss crossing the UK in an effort to reverse the decline in insects vital to pollinating food crops. The so called bee-line would be be a 3,000 mile network of grasslands rich in wild flowers  created out of fields volunteered by farmers who may receive grants – and would enable bees, moths, hoverflies and butterflies to migrate around the country. The number of honeybees has halved in the UK in the last 25 years. And Southern Railway has entered into a partnership with Sussex Wildlife Trust to launch a biodiversity project which it hopes to expand across its entire rail network. The ‘Making a B-Line for Sussex’ initiative aims to restore and encourage natural eco-systems to areas where railway infrastructure has had a major impact in loss of wildlife.  While the building of tracks can often dissect the landscape, presenting barriers for species and limiting movement from one habitat to another, they can also provide a corridor for wildlife if managed effectively – the company also hopes to reduce light pollution and encourage planting projects designed to help bees, butterflies, birds and bats.

At least 33 people have been killed and cars blown off roads by Typhoon Usagi which has hit Southern China and the Philippines. It is the strongest storm of the season so far and hundreds of flights were cancelled.

Britain’s largest family owned cheese maker Wyke Farms has today become the UK’s first national cheddar brand to become 100% self-sufficient in green energy, following the launch of its biogas plant in Bruton, Somerset.

turbineThe number of people directly employed by the UK’s wind industry has increased by 74% from 10,579 in 2010 to the current 18,465, according to a new report. Across the industry, up to 30% of people work in construction and installation, 25% in planning and development, 18% in support services, 16% in operations and maintenance and 10% in manufacturing. And more on wind ….. American tycoon Donald Trump’s legal hearing against the development of an offshore wind turbine test facility off Aberdeenshire, Scotland, has been set for November 12th.

Consumers are demanding more renewable materials and environmental labelling on the products they buy, with many rating cartons as the most eco-friendly packaging type. The research from Tetra Pak found that consumers perceived the use of paper in cartons to be highly renewable, with more than 50% of them believing that bi-based plastics will further improve the environmental performance of carton packaging.  Likewise, food industry stakeholders – also surveyed within the study – ranked the use of bio-based materials as one of the most important environmental trends shaping the future of beverage packaging.

sahelOver 7% of the world’s population could be affected by water scarcity in the future as a result of climate change if global warming isn’t abated. The study from scientists at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research has published modelling showing that both freshwater availability and ecosystem properties are set to change significantly in the future.  Even if global warming is limited to 1.5-2° C above pre-industrial levels, 500 million people could be at risk – either due to aggravation of existing water scarcity, or from being newly exposed to it.

And finally, reports that a project examining how stronger economic performance can be supported by good climate policy has launched by the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate. Set up by the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, the project, called the New Climate Economy, aims to contribute to the global debate about economic policy, and to inform government, business and investment decisions.

Can we green the Dance?


Can we green the Dance?
Amsterdam Dance Event
Chicago Social Club, Amsterdam
16 October, 12.30 – 18.00

Climate Change is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. Adjustments need to be made in all areas of life. The electronic music community has global reach and can unleash imagination and passion like few other industries. It produces role models, dreams and questions that can pave the way into a better future for all of us. It has a unique possibility – through positive examples and practical solutions – to guide society towards a more climate-friendly future.

ADE Green is an afternoon filled with interactive panels, discussions and debates on the journey towards sustainability in the Electronic Dance Music world, presented by ID&T and the Amsterdam Dance Event in partnership with Green Music Initiative and GO Group. Representatives from Burning Man, Julie’s Bicycle, Mysteryland, BOOM Festival, Shambala and many more will be joining us on stage. Click here for further information about the program:

What role can the dance industry play in this journey?
How can artists, bookers and managements create demand for sustainable alternatives?
What practical steps would be needed?
Which questions are still unanswered?
What are the trailblazers and pioneers in this global challenge?
Which innovations are already put into action to create a smarter & greener EDM world?

These questions and many more will be explored during ADE Green.
Always wanted to go green, but don’t know where to start? Or already well on your way and eager to share ideas with the EDM community, academics, suppliers and sponsors? Join us at ADE Green.

The event is accessible with an ADE 1-Day Ticket, or a 5-Day Conference Ticket. ADE Green is also accessible for non-ticket holders. To apply for individual tickets, tell us why you want to get involved by sending a mail to

Capacity is limited so please register as soon as possible – first come, first served!


GREEN EVENTS EUROPE – Bonn will be the place to be

geeThe 4th Green Events Europe Conference will take pl;ace in Bonn on November 25th and 26th 2013. After a very successful 2012 conference with more than 120 guests from 14 countries, organisers are expecting an even larger number of national and international participants, top-quality speakers and experts for the 4th GreenEvents Europe Conference to be held at Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn; GreenEvents Europe 2013 will offer high-level input by speakers of international reputation without losing touch of the practical implementation.

For the first time there will be a Beginners Workshop on green event management for participants with no or little knowledge prior to the regular conference on Sunday Nov 24th, afternoon. Followed by our greenEvents warm-up on the sunday evening.

As with previous years, there will be ample opportunities to network and interact. Organisers are looking forward to prominent speakers from major events, international institutions and initiatives, and sustainable suppliers. Please find the latest program (subject to changes) here.

The conference aims to deal with challenges set up regarding environmental protection and sustainability within an event’s organisation and promotion. Topics discussed with all parties involved (promoters, venues, suppliers etc.) such as The waste business, Catering without meat, Audience Attitude, „Down The Loo II”, Degrowth and events, Cups – biodegradable vs. multi-use, Plastics – can we avoid it?, Upcycling,Electricity and power, Camping and waste (again and again) among others. On the basis of practical questions from promoters and the production point of view. The aim is to connect experts and professionals involved in event organisation to listen to other’s opinion and to start networks, exchange knowledge and best practise ideas.

Registration & travel:
350 € for regular GreenEvents participation
250 € for GreenEvents delegates from 2010 and 2011
175 € for second GreenEvents participant from one company/festival

There’s a discount for Yourope-members and/or Sounds For Nature-Festivals: 50 Euro (for one delegate per company/festival)

Student, group and other special rates: please contact us

We really recommend the Event Ticket of our mobility partner DB (German rail, 1st class travel for 99€ from all over Germany)

Pls find special accomodation offers here (special rates only bookable through Travel Deluxe – for contact pls. follow link)

Confirmed Speakers: (in alphabetical order, subject to change, more tbc)

Cathérine Bartolomé (Chrysocolla Marketing, GER)
Friederike Behr (ecocontrolling and Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut, Essen, GER)
Jacob Bilabel (Green Music Initiative, GER)
Daniel Bleher (Ökoinstitut e.V., GER)
Birgit Böhm (Wandelwerte e.V., GER)
Jakob de Poft (Sheltercare, BE)
Nadine Deventer (jazzwerkruhr, GER)
Torsten Engelking-Mala (Cup Concept, GER)
Sebastian Fleiter (The Electric Hotel, GER)
Squeak Freeman (Festival Loo, UK)
Sabine Funk (GreenEvents Europe, Sounds For Nature Foundation e.V., GER)
Luisa Gajewski (Green Team On Tour, GER)
Rüdiger Heidebrecht (DWA – Deutsche Vereinigung für Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall e. V., GER)
Christoph Hertel (Evangelischer Kirchentag, GER)
Andreas Jaron (Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), GER)
Chris Johnson (Powerful Thinking / Shambala Festival, UK)
Thomas Kläser (PA Team, GER)
Wolfgang Küpper (Papstar, GER)
Niklas Lundell (Way out West Festival, Sweden)
Carl Martin (ILMC Production Meeting, UK)
Teresa Moore (Bucks New University, UK)
Dirk Nosbach (nVL² Nossbach Leipold VeranstaltungsLogistik GmbH, GER)
Claire O’Neill (A Greener Festival / Association of Independent Festivals, UK)
Marten Pauls (Campo Event Engineering / Rock Am Ring, GER)
Annika Rudolph (Green Team On Tour, GER)
Holger Jan Schmidt (GreenEvents Europe, Sounds For Nature Foundation e.V., GER)
Paul Schurink (ZAP Concepts B.V., NL)
Michaela Tanner (Open Air St.Gallen Festival, CH)
Morten Therkildsen (Roskilde Festival, DK)
Vladimir Vodalov (Exit Festival, SRB)
Antje Vödisch (Bonnorange, GER)
Katharina Weber (Green Team On Tour, GER)

Green Events Europe is an event of:
Sounds For Nature Foundation e.V. –
BN*PD | Bonn Promotion Dept. | Funk & Schmidt GbR –


turtle doveFarmers in the UK are being urged to save the Turtle Dove – the already vastly educed population faces a new threat from a parasite, Trichronas, and farmers are being urged to let more wild plants grow to provide seeds for feeding. Turtle doves are the symbol of love and fidelity and were once widespread in England. Changing in farming methods and hunting on their migration routes from Africa across Europe  have reduced the population to just 14,000 pairs –  less than 10% of the numbers in 1970.

VW’s new £95,000 sipercar, the XL1, does 313 miles to the gallon – and the technology – a diesel hybrid engine and lightweight carbon-fibre engineering that so vastly reduces fuel consumption – will soon be applied to other VW cars. The XL1 doesn’t have wing mirrors  – to reduce eight – instead it has rear facing cameras – and the ‘tear drop’ shaped body is made of a single mould carbon fibre polymer with a two cylinder 800cc diesel engine with a small electric motor. Its said the car emits just 21g of carbon per km – the same as a cyclist.

peral bordredBetter news for butterflies – the warm summer has substantially helped replenish numbers that had been devastated by the washout summer of 2012. A UK Butterfly survey – The Big Butterfly Count – has shown a encouraging increase in numbers.  And the short-haired bumblebee has made a comeback. The species disappeared in the 1980s and was declared extinct but now new worker bees have been spotted at Dungeness where queen bees from Sweden had been released.

Tour of Britain leaves Keswick

Tour of Britain leaves Keswick

As The Mayor of London fights to make London a safer place for cyclists – and Nicole Kidman gets knocked down by a pavement cyclist in New York – all eyes are on the bike. In London (apart from the really dangerous small group of cyclists who ignore most rules both on and off the road), all of us want safer streets for bikes – and the Times and Evening Standard have both been campaigning for more to be done to make our roads safe.  It seems the biker who knocked down Nicole was paparazzi Carl Wu – he has received a ticket from NY Police for riding on the sidewalk and riding dangerously. More sensible – and faster – and a great advertisement for cycling – has been the Tour of Britain which is being led by Olympic gold medallist Sir Bradley Wiggins at the time of writing. Wiggins (33) survived a crash on a rain-soaked day in the Lake District as Gerald Ciolek won stage two of the Tour of Britain to take the lead but then Wiggins blazed round the 16km (10-mile) stage three course in 19 minutes 54 seconds to beat fellow Briton and Team Sky team-mate Ian Stannard by 32 seconds and overtake Ciolek as overall leader. Stannard moved up to second overall, 33 seconds behind Wiggins.  Stage four of the race passed through Wrexham, Flintshire, Denbighshire and Conwy before finishing in Llanberis, Gwynedd and was won by Mark Cavendish with Wiggins keeping his overall lead,

Photo: The Tour of Britain peloton at Chestnut Hill, Keswick, on Stage Two. (C) 2013 Micky Laws. And well done to Conrad and his team for raising the funds for the new Keswick BMX track! Now to build!

Spaniards brought more bikes than cars in 2012 as the economic crisis which has left 25% of the workforce unemployed tightened its grip on the country. 780,000 Spaniards brought a bike as sales of cars fell 31.4% to 700,000.  Youth unemployment in the 18-24 year age bracket is now 56%. Across Europe the sale of electric bikes showed the biggest rise – 22% up – and car sales fell 2% across the EU.

A controversial plan to mine for potash beneath the North Yorkshire Moors has been set back at least a year as planning authorities at the national Park Authority consider the plans submitted by Sirius Minerals.

Scientists at Imperial College have likened climate change deniers such as Australians new premier Tony Abbot to the African politicians who denied there was a link between HIV and AIDs contributing to many thousands of unnecessary deaths. Professor Nitay Shah sais that 1% of global GDP needs to be spent on fighting climate change by 2050 to keep temperature rises below 2C and said he expected some of the current crop of climate change denying politicians to reflect that they didn’t do enough in twenty years time, focussing instead on the short term political issues. Benny Peiser, the director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation which argues that the threat from climate change is over stated, dismissed the report saying that a 2C rise in temperatures could be beneficial and that it was premature to gamble trillions of dollars of funds on a ‘speculative alarm’.

A new study says that fracking does not lead to as much leakage of methane gas as had previously been thought. Methane gas is a far more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. The study by the University of Texas suggests that exploiting natural gas can be an effective way f meeting climate change targets. The study did not look at other potential downsides of fracking such as environmental damage, water and air pollution and earthquakes.  The study was by a team of independent scientists but was funded by oil and gas companies.

Scientists are calling for fishing restrictions on sea bass across Europe as stocks hit a twenty year low. An assessment by the International centre for the Exploration of the Sea found that spawning stocks had fallen by 32% since 2009 around The UK and along the Dutch, Belgian and French coats. The Blue Marine foundation has suggested international quotas and larger net sizes.

Europe’s largest tidal energy project has been granted permission this week and will be built in the Pentland Firth. Consent was awarded to Meygen, a joint venture between investment bank Morgan Stanley, independent power generator GDF SUEZ and tidal technology provider Atlantis Resources Corporation, by the Scottish Government for the 86 Megawatt tidal energy project.  The first phase of the project will see six tidal turbines commissioned in the inner sound of the Pentland Firth, before the subsequent phases take the project up to the consented limit of 86MW and beyond to the leased capacity of 398 Megawatt.

The World Energy Council (WEC) has called for more progress on unlocking the potential of energy efficiency to deliver energy and carbon savings. This message comes from the findings of a report to be published next month by the WEC and the Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME), the French environment agency.

Food waste costs the world’s economy some $750bn (£470bn) a year, and is “wreaking significant harm” on natural resources, according to a new report. The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has estimated some of the natural and fiscal impacts of food waste globally. Among the key findings are the carbon footprint of food produced but not eaten: 3.3 giga tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, which makes food waste the third ‘top emitter’ of greenhouse gases behind the US and China.

Ashford Borough Council in Kent has been named as England’s worst performing council when it comes to recycling, while Surrey Heath Borough is the best. The gap in performance is considerable, with Ashford achieving a recycling rate of just 13.68%, while Surrey Heath delivered 39.22%.

Cracked windscreens collected in the past six months by automotive glazing company, Auto Windscreens, have been turned into 11.6 million bottles.


The team at Worcestershire’s Ringmaster Festival have belatedly cancelled their inaugural event, blaming “financial implications”. In a statement issued just ten days before the 27-28 September scheduled show, which would have featured Maximo Park, Swim Deep, Hadouken! and the Mystery Jets, organisers say “as the festival entered the final stages it found itself in a financial position and as a result was no longer able to guarantee the appropriate monies owed to the bands and other parties at this stage. It is after careful consideration that Ringmaster has decided to unfortunately cancel this year’s event” adding “Ringmaster would like to thank everyone that has supported, been involved with and help spread the name over the past few months and would like to offer everyone their sincere apologies, in what has become a horrendous and saddening situation”.

Helsinki Calling! Greening Events – Fun, Functional & Sustainable City – A seminar

Suurkirkko_Helsinki_maaliskuu_WELCOME to the

Greening Events – Fun, Functional & Sustainable City -seminar

Wed 30th October

Event Arena Bank, Unioninkatu 2, 00130 Helsinki, Finland


The seminar is pursuing to find answers for;

What fun, functional and sustainable cities are made of?

What are the secrets of success stories?

What new sustainable services & products there are? What is coming?

What is the role of people, communities, events, restaurants, sustainable lifestyle products & services, city organizations?

What City should do to foster this development?


Registration before 30.9.2013

You are sincerely welcome! Feel free to forward this invitation.

For more information visit: