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Powerful Thinking reviews 2013

PT_logo-300x190Our friends at Powerful Thinking, the not-for-profit think tank working towards an energy efficient, low carbon an cost effective future for festivals, have had a busy year,  raising the profile of sustainable energy, developing resources and launching the new website. In 2013, over 300 events in the UK, many major in size, managed their energy more sustainably delivering real carbon and cost savings.

* More than 200 small-medium size events in 2013 were powered by 100% waste vegetable oil, and/or solar across the arts & cultural sector.

*  Extrema Outdoor (ND) cut their fuel bills by 40% in one year.

*  Shambala Festival (UK) achieved 94% renewable power.

*  Bestival and Reading Festival used waste vegetable oil biofuel at their events.

*  Based on 13 medium-large events certified by Industry Green, with a combined audience of 1.3m, over 50% were using WVO Biodiesel with a total of 15% biofuel/85% diesel consumed overall.

Powerful Thinking have also published some really useful FACT SHEETS – and titles already include Top Tips for Reducing Fuel BillsA Crash Course in Energy TypesCommunicating Green EnergySolar Power for EventsSustainable Energy for Tradersand Sustainable Power for Screen Arts with more to be added soon. You can access the Fact sheets here



Benn to give powerful keynote at Event Production Show

Melvin_Press shotManaging Director of Festival Republic, Melvin Benn, will deliver a ten minute keynote speech at the beginning of Powerful Thinking’s – People, Planet, Profit panel presentation, taking place on the Event Production Show’s Main Stage, as part of the renowned Access Sessions, from 1pm – 2pm on Tuesday 11th February.

Benn is an active supporter of the Powerful Thinking initiative, a not-for-profit industry think-do tank set up to strive for an energy efficient, low carbon and cost effective future for festivals. His fellow panellists include: Claire O’Neill, co-founder of a Greener Festival and senior manager of the Association of Independent Festivals, Alison Tickell, CEO of Julies Bicycle, Chris Johnson co-founder and director of Shambala Festival and chair of Powerful Thinking and Andy Lenthall, general manager of the Production Services Association. As some of the UK’s leading advocates for sustainable practices, they will discuss what a vision of a low carbon industry might look like, share their successes, and explore practical ways to achieve truly sustainable events.

Drawing from the panel’s considerable experience the session will explore topics such as best practice, barriers to progress, the realities of sustainable production, what is ‘low carbon’, is offsetting a useful concept and how the industry work together on a topic which requires an industry stance?

PT_logo-300x190Chris Johnson, Powerful Thinking’s chair commented: “It is vital that we talk about and tackle our environmental impact as an industry and a panel discussion at the Event Production Show is the perfect platform to place this at the forefront of event organisers’ minds and spark debate.”

“Where do we want to be in 2025 – proud to be pioneers, or an industry which is lagging compared to other sectors in a changing world. The smart use of resources is climbing up the agenda year by year as prices increase, and with urgent climate challenges we have the opportunity to be the change by communicating with large audiences.”



AiE LogoLive music accessibility charity Attitude Is Everything has said that the live sector is missing out on 2.5 million ticket sales a year – equal to about £66 million in annual revenue – because while promoters make events accessible to deaf and disabled customers, they are not making it easy for those fans to buy tickets. In the group’s latest State Of Access report, Attitude Is Everything says that 83% of the disabled gig-goers it surveyed were put off buying tickets because of inaccessible booking systems. So called ‘accessible tickets’ are often sold via telephone booking lines, rather than online, which make it harder for customers who require such tickets to make a purchase.  AIE is now working with the Society Of Ticket Agents & Retailers to facilitate a working party involving the likes of Ticketmaster, See Tickets, Ticketline and Eventim to tackle the problem.

The London edition of Live Nation’s Wireless festival is almost certainly moving to Finsbury Park after Haringey Borough Council approved a licensing application earlier this week, although it seems there is quite some resistance from local residents. The festival will move from its 2013 home at the Olympic Park  – which whilst a good venue in publicity terms, had a number of issues with using the space for a music festival – some of which remain unresolved. The North London park has been host to numerous concerts and festivals over the years, though some critics of the licence Live Nation has secured say that Wireless is significantly bigger than any event previously hosted at the site, and will result in more inconvenience for locals, and more of the park being blocked to the public. The Festival will also take place in Birmingham as well as London in 2014.  Wireless 2013 saw headline performances by Jay Z and Timberlake, with the pair joining together for the first ever Legends Of The Summer show in the UK with Rihanna. Elsewhere, there were performances from Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, Emeli Sandé, Rita Ora, Frank Ocean, Katy B, Calvin Harris and Tinie Tempah across the weekend. Wireless 2014 takes place between July 4-6. No artists have been confirmed for the event as yet.

ticket2And more on ticketing – self-ticketing software provider Ticketscript has revealed it had its most successful festive season ever saying seven thousand New Year’s Eve events across Europe chose to use Ticketscript’s software to sell tickets, with December’s events generating gross tickets sales in excess of £10m. While in the UK specifically, tickets sold by existing clients increased by 58 per cent year-on-year. Frans Jonker, CEO, said: “We are proud to finish 2013 on such a high and it gives us the fuel and enthusiasm to kick start what we know will be an exciting year for the company.

Yet more ticket news!  A study from UK consumer group Which? says that  theatre-goers and music fans face massive mark-ups on the value of some online tickets. The study shows that compulsory charges are added to 72% of tickets sold online, and nearly half of those surveyed (49%) said the charges had put them off buying tickets for an event altogether. In one study, only 3% of tickets were being sold at face value without any additional compulsory fees like booking or delivery charges. The survey of 2,000 customers looked at 15 events with tickets sold through 20 different outlets in all. One example given was tickets to comedian Jimmy Carr’s show at Wolverhampton Civic Centre which have a face value of £25. To this a 38% surcharge is added by means of a £3 booking fee and a compulsory delivery fee if £6.50. Tickets to War Horse at the new London Theatre had £18.75 in fees added to by StarGreen to a face value of £62.50 and tickets to Strangers On A Train at the Gielgud Theatre had fees of 35% added. Shows by Miranda Hart, Rizzle Kicks, Ellie Goulding, Russell Brand and Joan Rivers all had 20% (and more) added in charges. Some agencies even charge people to collect in person at the box office,  with Ticketmaster adding £3, and some agencies charged to ‘print at home’ – The Times reported that TicketWeb and Eventim both charged £2.50.

sonisphere1Iron Maiden and Metallica will make history this summer when they co-headline the Sonisphere Festival in Knebworth, the very first time both bands have appeared together on a British bill. Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson said “We all grew up in England well aware of the importance of the legendary concerts at Knebworth, and scarily it all seems quite recent! Without being clichéd, it really is an honour and privilege to return to play there with the purpose of celebrating some of the finest moments in British rock history from inspirational bands like Pink Floyd, The Who, Zeppelin, The Stones and Genesis. Sonisphere will take place from the 4th – 6th July 2014

And finally, Bon Jovi have topped Billboard’s annual touring chart for the third time, having grossed $205,158,370 through their live activity in 2013, putting themselves some way ahead of the closest competition, Cirque Du Soleil’s Michael Jackson tribute show and third placed Pink.

1. Bon Jovi ($205,158,370)
2. Cirque Du Soleil’s Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour ($157,299,100)
3. P!nk ($147,947,543)
4. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band ($147,608,938)
5. Rihanna ($137,982,530)
6. The Rolling Stones ($126,182,391)
7. Taylor Swift ($115,379,331)
8. Beyonce ($104,358,899)
9. Depeche Mode ($99,972,733)
10. Kenny Chesney ($90,932,957)



The UK Climate Week Awards 2014 are now open and you have until 7th February to enter! It is completely free, and all you need to prepare is a description of your project, initiative or product in less than 700 words. Click here for more information.

Treehugger suggest “Why it’s a good idea to stop eating shrimp” explaining shrimp is the most popular seafood in the United States, with Americans eating an average of 4.1 pounds per person annually. As delicious as shrimp may be, we actually should not be eating them. The process that delivers bags of frozen shrimp to your grocery store at cheap prices has devastating ecological consequences, and you’ll probably not want to touch that shrimp ring ever again after reading what’s really happening behind the scenes. Farmed shrimp are kept in pools on the coast, where the tide can refresh the water and carry waste out to sea. Ponds are prepared with heavy doses of chemicals such as urea, superphosphate, and diesel. Then the shrimp receive pesticides, antibiotics (some that are banned in the U.S., but used overseas), piscicides (fish-killing chemicals like chlorine), sodium tripolyphosphate, borax, and caustic soda. Shrimp farmers have destroyed an estimated 38 percent of the world’s mangroves to create shrimp ponds, and the damage is permanent. More on Treehugger here.

More from Treehugger who list 10 Low-tech and simple tactics for living more sustainably including Solar and indoor clothes drying, Shorter showers and flushing less, insulating or shading windows, and reuse of household greywater and rainwater catchment. More here.

Human response to climate change is unfolding as a political tragedy because scientific knowledge and economic power are pointing in different directions, a new report claims.  The RSA Action and Research Centre report, A New Agenda on Climate Change: Facing Up to Stealth Denial and Winding Down on Fossil Fuels, suggests that the challenge is being intensified by mischaracterising the climate problem as an exclusively environmental issue, rather than a broader systemic threat to the global financial system, public health and national security.  According to the RSA, Britain can take a leading role in addressing the global climate problem, but only if it draws up a new agenda that “faces up to pervasive ‘stealth denial’ and the need to focus on keeping fossil fuels in the ground”.

Adidas has hit back at Greenpeace after the environmental group accused the brand, along with several other clothing companies, of using hazardous chemicals in children’s clothes and shoes.  An Adidas spokesperson told that the company is concerned with the “manipulative reporting of Greenpeace, as they on purpose report about additional chemicals which were not even found in the products”.  The spokesperson said that this wrongly suggests that the tested products pose a health hazard to the consumer and that this approach “lacks any scientifically sound basis”.  More on here.

euflagBinding EU targets on greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction, renewable energy and energy efficiency have been supported by the European Parliament’s Environment and ITRE committees. MEPs have voted for a 40% reduction in energy use, a 30% renewables target and a 40% reduction in GHG by 2030. The targets received 66 votes in favour, 50 against and four abstentions. reports that more than 20 landfill sites have closed in the past 12 months, bringing the total number of site closures to over 150 since the UK first went into recession in 2008. The market has seen a further drop in waste that is landfilled – a recent study carried out by BDS Marketing Research estimates that landfill sites now take less than 30 million tonnes of waste a year.  This is the first time that the sector has taken less than this amount, and is due to several reasons – the landfill tax escalator, moves to divert materials into alternative treatment routes, and a lack of granted site extensions.

recycle 9781907317026nhe growing trend of consuming media on tablet devices such as iPads could have “profound consquences” for municipal recycling figures, a leading waste analyst has warned. James Fulford, a director with Eunomia Research & Consulting, argues that as electronic media starts to overtake that of printed, local authorities and MRF operators could suffer financial repercussions due to falling newsprint volumes in recycling collections.  Writing in his latest blog for Isonomia, Fulford said that newsprint has been “fundamental” to council recycling collection schemes since they were first established, being relatively cheap to collect and commanding a healthy resale price.

The Co-operative Group is rolling out compostable carrier bags to hundreds of its stores nationwide. The bags can be reused as food waste caddy liners.

UK fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has criticised business leaders and politicians for large-scale environmental damage, which she says is the result of an “exaggerated focus on profits rather than nature”. Calling for a new law that holds decision-makers in business and government accountable for their role in environmental disasters, Westwood says “Our financial rulers and the politicians who help them are playing a giant game of Monopoly with the world’s finite resources – completely abstract from reality – even though they accept the facts of Climate Change, adding “and yet, you can’t play Monopoly when everybody’s dead. They imagine they’ll be the last people. They don’t care so long as they win”.  Westwood is backing environmental campaign End Ecocide in Europe, which is calling for severe cases of environmental destruction to be recognised as crime for which “those responsible can be held accountable”.

Google has committed to invest $75m in a 182 megawatt (MW) wind farm in Carson County, Texas.

Women are far better at separating out their household waste for recycling than their male partners, according to a household survey. The research, carried out by, showed that while women in traditional relationships were more likely to make sure that the right materials went into the right bin, it is generally the man who is more likely to put the bin out.  More than a third (39%) of households surveyed said females were taking the lead in ensuring their rubbish was correctly sorted, compared to males (19%).

The German wind energy company Prokon  has filed for bankruptcy  after investors pulled out more than E220 million.

Convictions against 29 campaigners who ‘ambushed’ a train taking fuel to the Draw coal power plant in Yorkshire in 2008 have been quashed after it emerged that a undercover police officer, Mark Kennedy, had driven protesters to the train. Kennedy infiltrated environmental groups over a number of years and lawyers say the ambush might not have happened without him. The Lord Chief Justice said “there was a complete failure to make a disclosure fundamental to the defence”.

Los Angeles smog is being worsened by polluted air drifting over the Pacific from China – which has suffocating air pollution – although China’s increased emissions themselves are based on supplying goods for America’s unstoppable consumerism – so the pollution is just a ‘boomerang’ effect. Pollution caused by China’s manufacturing industries contribute between 12% and 24% of the daily sulphate levels in the Western US.

Whale meat has been confiscated from a Norwegian stand at an agricultural fair in Berlin. Selling or importing whale meat in Germany is illegal – but legal in Norway. Authorities are considering a prosecution.

elephantHong Kong will destroy 28 tonnes of stockpiled ivory. The Endangered Species Advisory Committee has said. 6 tonnes of ivory were destroyed in Guangzhou in China last month.  But Tanzania has been hit by a sharp upsurge in poaching, with at least 60 elephants killed in the two months since the government was forced to halt a controversial crackdown, a senior official said. Four cabinet ministers, including the Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Khamis Kagasheki, have been sacked by the President Jakaya Kikwere over allegattions that they blocked efforts by the anti poaching campaign to reveal police corruption and involvement in poaching.

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recyle, Rot. It all makes sense.


David_Cameron_officialThe UK’s Prime Minster had made it quite clear that he wasn’t really interested in the ‘green crap’ – in fact he wanted to get rid of it – but it seems the recent extended flooding in the UK, and perhaps the bitter Arctic vortex in North America, and perhaps the fact that  the Antarctic sea ice is melting so fast it is forcing penguin colonies onto firmer land – and in South America temperatures in Rio de Janeiro hit 48C (118F) and in Australia in Queensland the heat is so extreme bats have dropped dead out of the sky (etc etc!) – might have changed his mind. The Prime Minister as now said that he suspects all of the havoc might just be linked to climate change.  The Prime Minister told MPs that there were more “abnormal” weather events occurring and he “suspected” they were linked to global temperature changes. A UKIP councillor seems to think its linked to allowing gay marriage.

But there again ….  UK Councils that give the green-light to ‘fracking’ projects have a tempting new incentive, they will be allowed to keep millions of pounds more in tax revenue. David Cameron has announced that local authorities in England would receive 100% of the business rates collected from shale gas schemes – rather than the usual 50%. The move is part of an “all out” drive to exploit the controversial pressure mining technique. The Government believes it could generate billions of pounds for the economy, support 74,000 jobs, and lower energy costs.

Global warming has exposed a 700 year old Eskimo village in Alaska: A team from Aberdeen University have discovered toys, face masks and an ivory carving in Ninellaq – one the home of the Yup’ik people  -who didn’t come into contact with modern society until the 1820s – and almost all of the finds are perfectly preserved – leathers, furs and even 400 year old grass have been found.

OFour million trees will be planted in the UK next year as part of a £30 million invested into woodlands. Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has also now said that ancient woodlands would only be destroyed and replaced with housing if there were ‘no alternative’.

As the world’s population races towards 9 billion, critics such as Conservative MP George Freeman say that EU rules are stifling a golden age of bio-technology – and that urgent solutions are needed if we are to have enough food, energy and medicines – and that bop technology will open up an age of  ‘greener and cleaner farming’ – and that ‘minority green groups peddle emotional anti-science views’.

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre have said that droughts could be common in Europe by the end of the century as climate change and increased water use by a growing population will mean many parts of the continent, particularly in Southern Europe but including Britain, will become more prone to periods of reduced water supply.

A ban on shark’s fin soup at official functions in China , and a growing rejection of the dish by young people in China, has meant that the price of shark’s fins has dropped by nearly 20-30% in Hong Kong.  Bird’s-nest soups was also banned from official receptions and document from the Communist Party of China explicitly states that the two dishes, considered delicacies in China, as well as wild-animal products are not allowed at official reception dinners. The rules are meant to regulate public funding of reception dinners, and they also ban expensive cigarettes and alcohol from official meetings – and hopefully will prevent the unnecessary slaughter of sharks – about 75 -100 million sharks are thought to be killed each year for their fins, which are prized in Chinese culture for making the gelatinous yellow soup – some sharks have their fins cut off whilst still alive. Now it seems specialist restaurants in Beijing are changing their menus or closing down as the Far East begins to share world revulsion at cutting off shark fins to make a gourmet soup. “The tide may at last be turning” said Peter Knight, director of WildAid. “We are getting lots of signals that attitudes are changing and prices are dropping because people no longer want to eat shark fin soup.

And Caroline Kennedy, the US Ambassador to Japan, has denounced Japan’s annual dolphin hunt at Taiji where hundreds of dolphins are frightened and then corralled in a shallow lagoon to be slaughtered or sold to aquariums or dolphin shows.

short-haired_bee_masterNew research says that pesticide could be making bumble bees shrink. A pyrethroid spray used by farmers on flowering crops stunted the grwoth of the larvae of worker bumble bees causing them to hatch smaller. As three neonicotinoids are now subject to a Europe wide bans, fears are spreading that replacements are also dangerous.

tent2For a great update on the LOVE YOUR TENT campaign – why not head over to Peppermint Bar’s very well written and informative blog ‘Event Industry News‘ – its a great read and ‘stop abandoning tents’ makes the top three New Years Resolutions along with ‘try something new’ and ‘work at a festival’. As Peppermint wisely say “A well-designed, stable, waterproof tent with good ventilation will keep you dry and cool through countless British weekends as well as foreign climates. Choose a decent one and you’ll feel more inclined to care for your home-from-home than to ditch it”.

And the GO Group presented a panel on the problem of left behind tents and camping gear at this years 2014 EuroSonic convention – panellists for the packed session called ‘Teenage Wasteland’  included Ben Challis from AGF, Teresa Moore from Bucks New Uni and Katrien Goossens  from Pukklepop – all hosted by Holger Jan Schmidt from the GO Group.

And are you up to date with what is going on in the live performance industry in France and internationally? Not really – then the Biennales Internationales du Spectacle (BIS) is a great chance to top up your knowledge and meet new people in the industry – and us! New ideas from The Green Music Initiative and GO Group will be presented by Lena Buck within the Sustainable Development Programme this coming Wednesday, 22nd of January 2014. We will be part of the discussion on Sustainable Development Networks in Europe at 10.30am. And Penny from A Greener Festival will join as well! Stop by and discuss with us how we can make the sustainable development networks in Europe bigger and more efficient to make the live performance industry even smarter and greener!

The Observer Ethical Awards 2014

obsIf you are an eco-entrepreneur, a campaigner for social justice or have a great green idea for making the world better, then The Observer want to hear from you about this  year’s Observer Ethical Awards.

The  Observer Ethical Awards in association with Ecover 2014 motto is: Be Better in This Life. Let’s not look back wishing we’d done it all differently when it’s too late. And if you know someone who is making a difference, please nominate them today. There are 10 categories in this year’s awards, including the great energy race to recognise an undiscovered energy-saving genius. The Observer are also looking for the next bright young thing to win Ecover’s young green champion award and they want to create a peerless sustainable fashion collection, as well as champion another local hero. If you feel you should be recognised – or know someone who does – please put yourself forward, or nominate them – categories also include retailer of the yearcampaigner of the year, the community energy project, travel and arts and culture. Judges include Observer columnist Lucy Siegle, TV presenter Ben Fogle, singer VV Brown, Professor Callum Roberts at York University who specialises in marine conservation, Liz Earle, founder of Liz Earle Wellbeing, the ethnobotanist James Wong  and Dr Charles West, a research scientist from Plymouth University

To nominate yourself or anyone else, click here – more details below

Arts and culture

The arts offer a strong, emotive way of building calls to action around ethical issues. Have you seen a play, documentary, film or dance performance which has inspired you? Or perhaps there is a book or song which makes you think differently about the way the world should work. Please send your nominations for the best ethical art piece or cultural initiative of the past year.

The community energy project (Sponsored by National Grid)

Blog_obsEthical_390px1This new award is looking for energy projects or schemes powered by and designed for communities, rewarding the best creative minds getting to grips with low carbon forms of generating power who have designed projects to generate, purchase, manage or reduce energy on a community basis. Have you generated community megawatts from solar, wind, hydro or biomass and combined heat and power? Are you committed to reducing fuel poverty through team work and innovation? Open to all community energy projects, from the fledgling to the fully functioning. The winning group will receive £2,000 towards community funds.

Sustainable fashion (Sponsored by Econyl and Eco-Age)

Calling all fashion lovers, brands, retailers, makers, knitters, dreamers and practitioners. Do you have the ultimate piece of sustainable fashion. This best-in-class garment might have been created or adapted by you, or perhaps you want to nominate a piece that you have bought or acquired. The Observer  are looking for budding designers, one-off makers or brands aiming to create an innovative collection with a conscience. The final collection will be presented to our illustrious judging panel, including sustainable fashion campaigner Livia Firth.

The great energy race (In association with B&Q)

Are you a great undiscovered energy-saving genius? With B&Q’s energy-saving team The Observer will be looking for the householder with the ingenuity and commitment to slash their energy bills and lead the way for energy-conscious consumers across the UK to get their own bills under control. The favourite 20 households will get a visit from a B&Q home-energy adviser to help understand their energy efficiency and £250 to convert their energy-saving ideas into action. Then the race will be on! The 20 households will have 28 days to put their genius to work and inspire us with how much cash and energy it’s possible to save with a little innovation and lots of inspiration. The winner, crowned the nation’s “bright spark”, will have their home fitted with a renewable energy measure by B&Q Energy Saving, worth up to £10,000*, slashing their energy costs for years to come.

Best in business

Businesses with world-changing ideas. Their attitudes towards energy, resource use, people, wildlife, communities and supply chain should be revolutionary. Businesses can be from the ethical sector or conventional industries which have employed extraordinary ethical vision. The Awards are inviting dynamic startups and newer businesses to pitch their worth against the big names. The winner will be the business creating the blueprint for others to follow.

Ecover young green champions (Sponsored by Ecover)

The Awards are appealing to ethical self-starters under the age of 18 to come to them with their ideas. This could be a project in your local community or school that you are working on by yourself or with classmates or friends. Perhaps your project is so clever we haven’t even thought of it yet. What is important is that you share your idea with The Observer, whether it is a brilliant recycling scheme or a way to rescue wildlife or bust carbon footprints. The winner will receive £6,000* in funding to make their innovative scheme really take off. (*T&Cs apply).  The Awards are are also calling on teachers, parents and youth group leaders working with potential young green champions to nominate a project or encourage their local young green champions to enter themselves. The mentor of the winning project will win a three-night stay for four at Swallowtail Hill, Sussex, courtesy of Sawday’s Canopy & Stars.

European Festival Awards – and the winners are ….

voteThe winners of the 2013 Festival Awards Europe have been announced at a sell out show at EuroSonic in the Netherlands in a show that featured live shows from Ireland’s Kodaline, Milky Chance from Germany and Prata Vetra from Latvia – all hosted by that charming man, Ben Challis and sponsored by Eventbrite, IVS and lighting and staging bods Company NA – and most importantly voted for by 625,000 European festival fans. And without further ado the winners are:

The Health and Safety Innovation Award – Paleo Festival (Switzerland)

Best New Festival – (Hungary)

Daft Punk lrFestival Anthem of the Year – Daft Punk – Get Lucky!

Best Indoor Festival  – Metal Hammer Paradise (Germany)

Way Out West  lrThe Green Operations Award (Jury award) – Way Out West (Sweden – pictured right)

Best European Festival Line-Up  – Berlin Festival (Germany)

Newcomer of the Year – Imagine Dragons

Artist’s Favourite European Festival (Jury Award) – Lowlands (Netherlands)

Headliner of the Year – The Arctic Monkeys

Promoter Of The Year (Jury Award)  – FKP Scorpio (Germany)

Melt! lrBest Small Festival – FUSION Festival (Romania)

Best Medium-Sized Festival – Melt! Festival (Germany – pictured left)

EXIT 2 lrBest Major Festival – EXIT Festival (Serbia – pictured right)

Lifetime Achievement Award  – Marek Lieberberg

Last night also saw the presentation of the European Border Breakers Awards at Eurosonic, at a show hosted by Jools Holland. The finalists were GuGabriel, Lukas Graham, Woodkid, Zedd, Asgeir, Jacco Gardner, Envy, Icona Pop and Disclosure but the Public Choice Award went to Irish rock boys Kodaline.