Face Your Elephant – and volunteer!


The Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development at De Montfort University are recruiting “young engineers” to volunteer to work in  a “peer education facility” at the Latitude and Shambala festivals this summer. If you feel you are a “young engineer” are passionate about energy efficiency,  reducing energy demand and want to volunteer, then click on the “sign up for 2014” on the Face Your Elephant web site http://faceyourelephant.org/  or  get the details here https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_y8dHD5W3x9VXhTLURudHowaHc/edit?pli=1  The deadline is 19th May.

This is a public engagement project, supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering,  to work at music festivals, talking to festival goers about the engineering aspects of improving energy efficiency.  It builds on our previous EPSRC funded Face Your Elephant EPSRC project.  It is in partnership with the Woodcraft Folk and the Centre for Alternative Technology and will also be working with the festival organisers Festival Republic (Latitude),  Shambala and the Powerful Thinking Campaign.

For more information contact Paul Fleming pfleming@dmu.ac.uk or Richard Fletcher  rfletcher@dmu.ac.uk


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