Would Glad’s ‘trash bag tent’ solve festival waste issues AND left behind tents?

Glad-Tent-1-537x359California-based company Glad may specialize in dustbin liners and food storage containers, but they recently unveiled a brilliant one-person trash bag tent for camping, music festivals and other outdoor events. The concept was launched at the SXSW 2013 music festival in Austin, Texas, where tents were distributed to campers and festival attendees on the condition that they would use them after the festival as garbage receptacles for cleaning up their campsite.

Our good friend Holger Jan Schmidt commented on FaceBook “I’m not convinced as it stillmeans that these have to be distributed to all visitors and – most importantly – it promotes one-way-behaviour. And i am sure it needs much more resources and energy to produce them compared to a wastebag. Nevertheless, if we agree on “we can’t change the world and need to deal with the status quo” it looks like a rather smart way of doing so”.

But it still ends jup in the trash.

More here http://inhabitat.com/glad-trash-bag-tent-could-solve-the-waste-problem-at-music-festivals/

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