Jarno’s new e-book focusses in on your event’s Environmental Plan

Cover+bookJarno Stegman, one of A Greener Festival’s core team who until very recently ran our Awards scheme in North America, has just published a new e-book titled  Event Management: Your Environmental Plan.  This e-book is an easy guide for event and festival producers/planners to writing an environmental plan for their event. It’s not scientific, far from it. The guide is meant to make it easy for people to think about the steps they can take towards a more sustainable event. The e-book is based on the online workshop “Event Planning: greening your event” – and it’s 41 pages and the idea is to help event organisers/planners/producers/organisations (take your pick) to write their environmental plan

The book is only $2.99 (and although focussed on North American experiences, its about £2 in the UK) and it’s a Kindle book/e-book only.

Here’s the link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VNK073G

This is the link to the online workshop as it is offered via Udemy.com https://www.udemy.com/sustainable-event-management-greening-your-event/?couponCode=semYOURS Retailing at $10.

All info can be found on www.eventtutor.com


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