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A Greener Festival Announce 2016 European and US Award Winners

  • agf_award_2016-logo25 festivals across 13 countries awarded the Greener Festival Award for 2016.
  • 10thyear of the Greener Festival Awards
  • Tougher standards raise the bar and challenge events.
  • Awards presented at EPIC, Eurosonic Noorderslag, Netherlands.

A Greener Festival (AGF) have announced all 25 winners of the Greener Festival Award since the schemes relaunch in 2016. These are the first events to receive this prestigious award since it’s relaunch last year, with additional requirements of events who apply.

An Awards ceremony for winners was held at EPIC, Eurosonic Noorderslag, in partnership with Green Event Netherlands on Friday 13th January, 2017. AGF Director Teresa Moore presented certificates to winners including  Das Fest (Germany), Body & Soul (Ireland) and Glastonbury Festival (UK) (pictured left to right).

Co-Founder of AGF, Claire O’Neill said “Events who have achieved the Greener Festival Award 2016 have shown an incredible dedication to walking the talk, minimising the environmental impact of their events and using them as a positive and much needed portal for change. It has not at all been easy, with the most challenging assessments to face events in our 10 year history. We salute all of you!”

To participate festivals are required to complete a self-assessment looking at 11 categories of sustainability including travel & transport, waste, local ecosystems and external reach and behaviour. Independent AGF Auditors visit the event to inspect the actions on the ground, and work with the organisers post event to gather supporting evidence and data.

“After five years of raising the bar on the environmental and community impact of Green Music Fest, A Greener Festival challenged us to critically analyze all aspects of event operations. Bright Beat now brings this elevated level of awareness to all of our events, as ‘a rising bar lifts all festivals” said Stephanie Katsaros, Sustainability Director of Highly Commended Award winner, Green Music Fest (Chicago, USA) and Bright Beat Founder.

Green Music festival with their Award

Greenbelt UK

Nozstock the Hidden Valley

And the 2016 winners are:

Boom Festival (Portugal)
We Love Green (France)

Cambridge Folk Festival (UK)
DGTL Festival (Netherlands)
Glastonbury Festival (UK)
Green Music Fest (USA)
Heart of Glass Heart of Gold (France)
Øya Festival (Norway)
Welcome to the Future (Netherlands)

Bona Nit Barcelona (Spain)
Das Fest (Germany)
Extrema Outdoors (Netherlands)
Greenbelt Festival (UK)
Kew the Music (UK)
Liberation Festival (Netherlands)
Malmofestivalen (Sweden)
Northside Festival (Denmark)
Primavera Sound (Spain)
Wood Festival (UK)

Arla Food Fest (Denmark)
Body & Soul (Eire)
LaSemo (Belgium)
Metal Days (Slovenia)
Nozstock: the Hidden Valley (UK)
Paradise City (Belgium)

An insight to what these events are doing, and what is on the horizon for sustainable events will be presented at the 9th annual Green Events & Innovations Conference, London, 7th March, in association with the International Live Music Conference (ILMC).

André Soares, Sustainability Designer of Boom Festival (Portugal) said Boom Festival 2016 was a great personal challenge and this award means more than you can imagine. I appreciate all the work [A Greener Festival] have done to increment the evaluation criteria and I believe the results of your work will have a lasting impact in the music and festival industry.”

Robert Gomez, Green Music Fest (Chicago, USA) Founder shared that, “Being ‘Highly Commended’ by A Greener Festival really validates Green Music Fest’s environmentally sustainable and socially responsible practices and, we hope, inspires other local festivals to consider doing the same.”

Artur Mendes, Boom Festival “”We are happy to get the award once again, for the 5th time in a row the Greener Festival auditors recognised Boom with the Outstanding prize. It is the only eco award for festivals that we give credibility as there is a team visiting the festivals and this year the evaluation was more thorough and detailed; Boom is totally independent, no sponsors, and engaging in sustainability is made strictly with our own resources and an amazing contribution of our fabulous Boomers. On the other hand, we are using the Boom experience to reforest the Boomland and act on many fronts such as charity, on the integration of people, and positively affect the surrounding area of the festival which is one of the poorest in Portugal with unemployment rate of 16% and more than 50% pensioners. We dedicate this award to all Boomers”.



efasThe 2016 EUROPEAN FESTIVAL AWARDS are done and dusted, with live performances from James TW, Roosevelt and The Children of the Revolution, and those winners are:

Best Small European Festival: SNOWBOMBING (Austria)

Best Line Up: PRIMAVERSA SOUND (Spain)

Brand Activation Award: PUKKLEPOP – Smart Energy Grid (Belgium)

Agent of the Year: NATASHA BENT (Coda Agency, UK)

Best Indoor Festival: REEPERBAHN Festival (Germany)

Best New Festival: MAD COOL (Spain)

Artist’s Favourite Festival: SZIGET (Hungary)

museHeadliner of the Year: MUSE

Health & Safety Award: SOUTHSIDE Festival (Germany)

Best Medium Sized Festival: PALEO FESTIVAL Nyon (Switzerland)

Green Operation award: SHAMBALA Festival (UK)

Newcomer of the Year: DUA LIPA

Promoter of the Year: AFTER ART (Poland)

Best Major Festival: ROCK WERCHTER (Belgium)

Award for Excellent and Passion: CHRISTOF HUBER

Lifetime Achievement Award: DAN PANAITESCU

A Greener Festival Award Winners Announced at EuroSonic

Greener Fesival Award winners Body & Soul, Das Fest and the Glastonbury Festival

Greener Fesival Award winners Body & Soul, Das Fest and the Glastonbury Festival

The European and US festivals who have won of the prestigious Greener Festival Award 2016 have been announced at the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival and conference in Groningen, the Netherlands. The winners are a select elite of sustainable events who have entered the Greener Festival Awards scheme, and submitted their environmental good practice to an external independent assessment. AGF’s Teresa Moore made three awards in person, to Body & Soul, Das Fest and the Glastonbury Festival. The Awards ceremony also announced a new initiative from the municipality of Utrecht, A Greener Festival and Green Events Nederland. Utrecht’s Hedwih Leijten and Green Events Paul Schurink were on hand to explain that Utrecht would now support festivals to enter the Greener Festival Awards scheme, and that the scheme is likely to spread to other Dutch municipalities.

The Greener Festival Award 2016 winners:

Arla Food Fest
Body & Soul
La Sema
Metal Days
Nozstock – the Hidden Valley
Paradise City

Bona Nit BCN
Das Fest
Extrema Outdoors
Greenbelt Festival
Kew the Music
Liberation Festival
Northside Festival
Primavera Sound
Wood Festival

Cambridge Folk Festival
Glastonbury Festival
Green Music Festival
Heart of Glass Heart of Gold
Oya Festival
Welcome to the Future

Boom Festival
We Love Green

Event Production Awards 2016 – the winners!

EPA winners

EPA winners

The Event Production Awards 2016 winners are:

Best Audio Visual Supplier
Creative Technology

Best Crewing Company
Connection Crew CIC

Best Security Company
Specialized Security

Best Fencing/Crowd Barrier Company
Eve Trakway

Best Flooring/Trackway Company
LION Trackhire

Best Staging Company
Actavo Events

Best Structure Company

Best Plant Company
Winner Events

Best Indoor Venue of the Year
Banqueting House

Best Technology Provider

Best Ticketing Company

Green Supplier of the Year
Big Green Coach Ltd

Best Outdoor Venue of the Year
Hampton Court Palace

Sustainable Event of the Year
Arcadia Metamorphosis by Arcadia

Public Event of the Year
Para Tri by Sportsworld

Cultural/Food Event of the Year
London Korean Festival

Music Event of the Year
Liverpool Sound City

Sporting Event of the Year
Progress Productions for Rugby World Cup 2015

Best Visual Spectacular
Fantastic Fireworks for The War of the Worlds Spectacular

Brand Activation of the Year
Sense Marketing for Guitar Hero Live

Production Team of the Year
Ground Control

Access All Areas Editor’s Award
Tania Harrison

Our Award winners pick up their green ‘flags’ !

Luke,  Helen and Claire from A Greener Festival, Matt, Max and Steve from Robertson Taylor, and festival organisers from Cambridge Folk Festival, Greenbelt, Hadra Trance Festival, Festibelly, T-in-the-Park, Wood, The Isle of Wight Festival and Shambala, pick up their ‘flag’ awards at the UK Festival Conference 2011 at the Forum, London. Good times!

Shambala won the overall UK ‘Greener Festival Award’ at the UK Festival Awards that evening at the Camden Roundhouse – and Chris from Shambala is kneeling down holding that Award. Well done to them!

The Greener Festival Awards are generously supported by

Our eco-friendly and recycled tent award  ‘Flags’ were designed by Helen and printed by http://www.idressmyself.co.uk/


We had a massive number of entries for GREAT BIG GREEN IDEAS 2011 and some really interesting ideas – which we really hope festival organisers will take notice of. There were quite a few ‘threads’ running though the ideas, particularly ideas promoting green travel and ideas reducing waste on festival sites.

a number of entries were very keen on promoting alternatives to the car – in particular we liked Peter Nolan’s idea of giving green travelers real advantages in ditching the car – by allowing them early entry to the festival site and first pick of camping sites and Stephen Nicholls suggested that festival goers that travel to the festival by bicycle get a percentage taken off their ticket. Alan Hughes suggested that ‘combined coach and festival tickets’ should always go on sale before the ‘ordinary’ tickets go on sale so festival goers who want to use coaches get to get their tickets and coach tickets first. Something that we have already suggested to festival organisers – and the suggestion received a very positive response. Thanks Alan, Peter and Stephen.

A number of people also commented on the waste associated with disposable plates and cutlery – even if it is recyclable. Water bottles left lying around festivals were a real worry for lots of the entries including Gemma Watt, and Joel Ross suggested that festival goers should be encouraged to take their own plates up to the food stalls at festivals and as an incentive, they could get money off their meal. We are going to look into the practicality of this (and hygiene issues) with a couple of event organisers and see if this works.

Ben Harris said its “Time to kick some butts” and Ben’s idea is aimed at tackling the lesser known problems of cigarette litter, suggesting purpose made cigarette bins with bright coloured signs stating the facts that butts really do pollute and also giving away small portable ashtrays with programmes and lanyards, along with adverts would make a cheap and easy to implement campaign to reduce this “pain in the butt”! Thanks Ben and we can report that Ashcan already make a portable ashtray and some people use old 35mm film tubs as their own version. See http://www.ashcan.co.uk/

And Sally Eccleston pointed out that disposable nappies make up a large percentage of domestic landfill waste and that this may be true at certain festivals as well and Sally’s idea is to provide a nappy exchange – and used nappies could be washed on site or taken to local launderettes, ready to be taken on and reused at the next festival, and the next and the next… How many thousands of disposable nappies would this save from landfill? There was an organisation doing this called Blooming Bottoms but we haven’t heard from them recently. Its a great idea – we hope it comes to fruition!

Caroline Stringer suggested recyclable camping chairs (they exist – we have seen some made of card!) and suggested a tent hire scheme at festivals, with a deposit that can be returned once the tent has been returned in a good condition, as well as welly hire at festivals to prevents wellys being dumped, provides option for them to be reused or recycled.

Sarah Needham had a good idea (although one that would take quite some organising). Sarah’s idea is to have “a shop selling items from celebrities at the event e.g. a signed picture or a guitar but the payment method is in plastic bottles for example or another recyclable item” Sarah pointed out that this is a good way to promote recycling and get high profile names to put there backing behind it saying “it will appeal to younger people who are probably less aware of environmental issues and therefore can be a good education tool to them.”

All excellent ideas and it was hard to choose - but now its time to get to the winners

A well thought out solution to the problem with water bottles – and our FIRST PRIZE – goes to Ruth Hardy who said “There should be more standpipes or kiosks for festival goers to reuse their plastic water bottles with fresh drinking water for a minimal charge. Mountains of empty used plastic water bottles last year filled the waste drums (which needed tractors to come and empty them) or were chucked on the ground (which needed clearing up).” And its such a good idea we’re glad to say that Frank Water have teamed up with festival water provider Water Mills to provide a service just like this – see http://www.frankwater.com/2011/02/freefill-launches-at-the-event-production-show/

Also a number of people in including Heather Macdonald and Claire Pascoe commented on the thousands plastic and paper cups, cans and bottles thrown away at festivals and suggested that reusable cups were the future. We agree that either souvenir cups or a deposit system works and Festivals like Cambridge FolkFestival and Latitude already have reusable cups and Sonisphere is one of many festivals who have a deposit system.

Claire suggested the ‘Glastocup’ for Glastonbury that hangs on a lanyard but our SECOND PRIZE goes to Jacinta Elliott who said “As a visitor to the festival I am always astonished at the amount of plastic bottles, glasses and food containers that are left lying around. My idea is to supply everyone with their own pint size plastic cup which can be in funky colours and designs, each cup will have a hole to attach to the lanyard when not in use and every drink sold can be at a reduced rate if “Glasto Goblet” is used. It will be great if the Glasto Goblets could be made from re-cycled plastic. I also think that there should be a drinking water station and these Glasto Goblets can also be used for water station top ups maybe for a small charge to Water Aid. A great idea Jacinta – and a GREAT NAME!

And our THIRD PRIZE goes to Ally who said “Make all festivals“Clothes optional” adding “think how much water would be saved NOT washing all those sweaty clothes, how much pollution it would cut down on by NOT using washing machines, and also how much money it would save people having not to buy extra clothes for festivals”. We love it Ally!

All three prize winners will receive a goodie bag crammed full of festival goodies – CDs, DVDs, T-shirts and other stuff and our friends and the BIG GREEN COACH COMPANY will offer our first and second prize winners, Ruth and Jacinta, a pair of return coach travel tickets to any festival they are sending coaches too in the UK (its a long list but includes Sonisphere, V, Bestival, Hop Farm, End of the Road, Creamfields and Kendal Calling! For more see http://www.biggreencoach.co.uk/

Massive thanks to www.virtualfestivals.com and Big Green Coach, the music travel company, and THANK YOU to everyone who entered. And here’s to your ideas getting festivals greener!

All the winners at the UK Festival Awards 2010

A host winners were at the UK Festival Awards at the O2 on Thursday Night to pick up their Greener Festival Awards, including team members from Shambala, Wood, Croissant Neuf Summer Party, Hard Rock Calling, Bestival, Camp Bestival, Sonisphere, Splendour, The City of London Festival, our friends from the Hadra Trance Festival in France, Grassroots in Jersey, the Glastonbury Festival, Isle of Wight Festival, Waveform, T-in-the-Park, Big Tent and Standon Calling. The lovely photos are by Sarah Moore and we thank  Roberston Taylor for hosting the drinks reception.

The Croissant Neuf team pick up the UKFA Greener Festival Award


We also made the Award for the overall ‘greenest’ UK festival and, in a hard fought battle, the honour went for the second year to the Croissant Neuf Summer Party

The main winners on the night at the UK Festival Awarsds were

• Best Metropolitan Festival – Gaymers Camden Crawl
• Best Family Festival in association with Showsec – Camp Bestival
• Best Breakthrough Artist in association with Rizla – Mumford & Sons
• Best Dance Event in association with Peppermint Bars – Creamfields
• Feel Good Act of the Summer in association with Be-at TV – Paolo Nutini
• Best New Festival in association with Access All Areas – Vintage At Goodwood
• Headline Performance of the Year in association with Jagermeister – AC/DC at Download Festival
• Virtual Festivals’ Critics Choice* – Biffy Clyro at Glastonbury
• Overseas Festival – Snowbombing
• Anthem of the Summer in association with HMV – Florence & The Machine ‘You’ve Got The Love’
• Line-Up of the Year* in association with XL Video – Rockness
• Promoter of the Year in association with IQ – Glastonbury
• Best Small Festival in association with Doodson Entertainment – Kendal Calling
• Best Medium Festival in association with Smirnoff Flavours – Green Man
• Best Major Festival in association with Tuborg – Bestival
• Lifetime Achievement in association with Music Week – Geoff Ellis, DF Concerts
• Outstanding Contribution to Festival Production in association with TPi – Neil McDonald
• Best Sponsor Activation in association with Brand Republic – Coca Cola
• The Grass Roots Festival Award in association with Robertson Taylor – 2000 Trees
• A Greener Festival Award in association with agreenerfestival.com – Croissant Neuf Summer Party

 And best toilets went to  T In The Park!


Andrew Haworth picks up Hard Rock Calling and Wireless's Greener Festival Awards for 2010